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Greetings and Welcome to Florida!

With years of business experience, Heiko Bonner and his knowledgeable Realtor Associates have assisted their clients in acquiring real estate and investing in the US. It has been the desire of many foreigners to become a part of America. By offering a range of services in addition to real estate and mortgage brokerage, such as corporate service and business acquisition, clients can take the first step toward changing their visa status or becoming a permanent resident.

The clients of Roland Realty International, Inc. are often European and South American Investors searching for viable commercial real estate, profitable businesses, and vacation homes in the Tampa Bay area, on the West Coast of Florida. A solid investment enables our client to establish his or her family in the USA.

Prior to arriving at our offices, many of our clients were concerned and worried because of language barriers, foreign exchange rates, inexperience with the local markets, and their lack of understanding the legal processes involved in purchasing investments and businesses in America. For the last 25 years, Roland Realty International, Inc. has been resolving our clients concerns, eliminating their worries, and delighting our investors with our clear and systematic approach for investment success here in the United States.

Would you like to have complete confidence and no worries about successfully establishing your family in the United States through investment in America?


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